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Magic Show Services:
Due to "COVID 19" : For our customers safety, we are not taking "live in-person Magic Show bookings at this time." Magic 4 Parties is considering Virtual Magic Shows, Online.  More news of this be posted to the Magic 4 Parties Facebook Business Page in the near, hope not so distant future.
Previous to Covid 19 our Magic Shows are age appropriate & fun for all ages! Many parlor tricks with colorful silks, productions, vanishes and fun magical routines with audience participation that will captivate and amaze an audience of all ages! 
Having a Magic Show is a terrific idea that's wonderful to have at different events, various parties, celebrations and other occasions like Easter Parties, Birthdays and Christmas Parties and delight your guests, friends, family or employees too!
Surprise your guests and hire a Magician that will bring added fun, laughter, amazement and happiness too your party or event.  
Magic 4 Parities has a very portable show packed with professional magic props and tricks too amaze and astound your guests!
What a great memorable experience leaving them in awe to only guess how the tricks are done! Pre-Covid 19 potential customers would ask for a free no obligation quote. Then if quote is accepted,  Magic 4 Parties Invoice's via our Business Paypal  account link that will provide confirmation of your booking. We have also for the year 2020 offering too our potential customers that can pay in advance in-full or after the Magic Show, day of the party by cash or money order.-Note due to Covid 19 Pandemic we are no longer offering in-person magic shows until Covid 19 clears up we all hope and planning on only online Virtual Magic Shows coming soon. 

Potential Customers with inquiries use to email Clinton Barkhouse, Owner of Magic 4 Parties first to check availability. If available he can send the free quote. Magic 4 Parties serves London Ontario Canada and area.
More information online about our Magic Show Services we use to do & hope one day be able to offer again (pending outcome of Covid 10 Pandemic/crisis) can be found at this link:
Business Name is: Magic 4 Parties.
We were operating two services ...& considering a new development.(3)
1) In-Person Magic Show Services at functions/parties -SERVICE ON HOLD due to Covid 19 Pandemic/Crisis.
2) Magic 4 Parties Online Magic Shop! Selling Magic Tricks, Supplies, Accessories and more...including digital downloads is OPEN 24/7 Online, our main focus at this time updating our website frequently with new magic.
3) Virtual Magic Shows ( Coming Soon-in development )


Welcome to: Magic 4 Parties, Online Magic Shop
Due to "COVID 19" : We are starting to sell physical inventory items. We are shipping physical inventory at this time by using our shipper(s) & Delivery services. We are using UPS  Brokerage Services in Canada that clears USA parcels for our services here at Magic 4 Parties in London Ontario Canada. 
Products  ordered through our services at Magic 4 Parties are shipped to customers Canada-Wide, anywhere within Canada & operate as 100% an online eCommerce store.
Magic 4 Parties is an authorized Magic Dealer for Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. 
( Murphys Magic is our supplier of Magic Supplies and Magic Accessories. )
Magic 4 Parties fills out our customers orders, on our Canadian website that is in CAD Currency not USD. Magic 4 Parties sells Magic Tricks and Magic Accessories Canada-Wide within Canada currently now at this time; as economy's appear's to be opening up slowly. We had removed several products will be added again as well many new and amazing magic tricks too... as we strive to be in the position we where in prior to Covid 19 situational crisis. 
Pending on Inventory levels we are maybe required to order supplies from USA to full-fill customer orders that can be shipped directly to the customer to save time if needed. We provide tracking numbers, so that you can view the status of your order that will determine, where your order was shipped from.
Magic 4 Parties has obtained UPS brokerage services to help clear customer order(s) quickly and efficiently at customs. Any Import charges, are billed too Magic 4 Parties and not YOU the customer.  Whatever you pay through our Shopify Website via Shopify Payment Processing system, plus shipping is without worry,  that you'll never be charged at your door for any custom charges. 
Enjoy shopping on our website that is updated often with lots of magic products. 
There are approximately over 13,000 products one we re-add + hundreds of new products and we offer digital downloads and eBooks as well that you can purchase. 
There are many fascinating and highly entertaining Product Video Trailers  that we may also update from time to time or change. Some videos may or may not yet be visible as we are always are making our website better for YOU the customer.
Magic 4 Parties is starting a new You Tube Channel called, 
"Magic 4 Parties Online Magic Shop and Services" 
Magic 4 Parties will perform Murphy Magic Products and title every video appropriately on our new You Tube Channel what the trick is and credit its creator/inventor of the Product or Card Decks we also sell online.  This may help you the customer to preview, before you buy or simply just to be entertained by whatever we had the chance to have uploaded too You Tube as this is a Brand New Channel of ours and may require time to develop to host so many products we offer that's listed on our website. We will list our amazing marketing videos to with amazing effects you may enjoy to view including sales videos of items we have on sale occasionally.
If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the content found within this website, please feel free to contact us via email and one of our experienced team members will get back to you.  Again, thanks for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you in the near future. 
Our goal is to assist returning messages by the next Business day or within the 24-72 hrs (max)
We can be away at a Magic Show (once Covid Ban is lifted in Ontario Canada ) and it is best to contact the owner Clinton at his email that will respond within 72 hours, usually by next business day.
Email provided is always preferred to help save any miscommunication,
We want only Happy and satisfied customers by meeting the needs of every customer and we hope to  hear from you online, email, messenger or by phone again soon.
Sorry for any inconveniences out of our control due to the COVID 19 Outbreak affected World-Wide.
We and many other Businesses & Services are following advice, recommendations of Public Health pertaining to Covid 19. Clinton Owner of Magic 4 Parties is monitoring topic of Covid 19 closely. 
 Magic 4 Parties have implemented our own measure's to halt/stop selling Magic Tricks & Accessories across Canada previously when the uncertainty's worried myself about boarders that appears now are good to continue to import and we can start selling again as our supplier in USA. Our services in London Canada and our supplier both remain open. We can still work from our home office/offices by selling Digital Downloads mainly for now is our focus while re-adding all physical inventory items will be seen on our website as they are added again plus many more new magic!. Please visit our Facebook Business Page for further updates. Or contact us by email is always best. 
Thank you for visiting us at Magic 4 Parties.

Photo of Clinton Barkhouse at:
Magic 4 Parties London Ontario Canada (above)
Note: We are strictly an Online Magic Shop,
Selling Digital Downloads and Physical inventory product items at this time effective May 19th 2020.
Any further notice's please visit our Facebook Business Page for updates.
Here is link: Facebook: